About Me

I am an ACE Certified Health Coach and Behavioral Change Specialist doing what I love by

helping others turn negative behaviors into positive health and lifestyle choices.

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, offering one-on-one personal training for any age group.

I am an Ace Nutrition Specialist, helping others develop life-long dietary habits, leading them to better health.

Most importantly,

I am Rick's wife, Tracie and Denise's mom, Shawn and Darin's mom-in-law and 

Gma Bic/Mema to the best grandkids ever, Preston, Blake, Ainsley, and Lucas

About Any Age Health & Fitness KC

Working with a personal trainer is the first step in improving your health and fitness.  We at Any Age Health & Fitness KC help people of all shapes and sizes and people of all ages (from kids to seniors reach their goals).  From online programs, boot camps for adults and kids, to one-on-one training, we offer it all. We will provide advice and insight on healthy living and exercising.

Why Any Age Health &  Fitness KC

I have had my own ups and downs with weight, so I totally understand how hard it is to take that first step.   I know the hard work and dedication change takes.  As the old cliché goes I have “been there and done that”.   My goal as a personal trainer is motivate my team members [explain we are a team and therefore team members not clients] by helping them set and achieve realistic goals, (some may have a goal to learn to live a healthier lifestyle, while others may want to reach certain fitness goals) and by providing feedback and accountability.


Become a Member

At Any Age Health & Fitness KC, we are a team.  We are in this together.   You will be provided tools for, and guidance through, a sustainable fat loss program that teaches you not only how to shop, cook, and eat, but how to manage your mindset. Life is so much better when we are healthy and fit.  Team members can enjoy new found or improved levels of energy and fitness, whether hanging out with the grandkids or working on your golf swing or dancing the night away.


We Need...

Your dedication and time to becoming the best version of you!

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